How to Search

Pragmata’s search engine is similar to other modern search engines. You can do a general free-text search on a set of selected metadata fields, by just typing a search text and clicking Search:


This will produce a list of all records that contain the word “jug”, anywhere within their fields.

The search engine is very good at language constructs, but can be a bit too inventive when it comes to more formal expressions like chronology abbreviations or inventory numbers.

To force a more exact search, surround the search text with quotation marks:


Try this both with and without the quotation marks to see the difference!

If you want to exclude something that comes up in the search results, for example when searching for Pyxis and want to find anything that isn’t pottery, use the “-“ operator:

pyxis -pottery

If you want to give a search term higher priority, prefix it with a “+” sign:

pottery +other

If you are familiar with the data and need to perform a specific search on a known field, you can specify the field name as well as the search term. Remember to use quotation marks for a better result:

Chronology:"LH III”

Or you can combine them:

Chronology:"LH III" +Site:Asine